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Serving our customers for over 10 years, we sell quality acreage for building, camping, hunting and recreation. Although we currently focus on the Missouri Ozarks, we do often sell properties in other areas of the nation as well. It is common for us to have acreage in Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota as well as other areas which we believe provide a good value to our customers.

We serve our customers by providing All Types Of Acreage. We have smaller tracts for those looking for a camping site, mid-sized parcels for those looking to build a cabin or home and larger acreage for hunters and other recreational land users.

We Specialize In Parcels In The Missouri Ozarks because of the natural beauty, clean water and virtually endless recreational activities in the region. Although we pride ourselves in our online presence we do have a "brick and mortar" office location in Springfield, Missouri. We are always available to talk with you on the phone, through email or in person. Virtually all of the properties we sell are located within a few hours of the Springfield area. Our employees are proud to live and work in the Missouri Ozarks and we are excited to share this beautiful region of our country with you.

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Email us at sales@instantacres.com or give us a call at (417) 882-3400 and we will be happy to chat with you about any available property.


Properties Currently Available:

We specialize in parcels in the heart of the Ozarks. Clean air, friendly people and beautiful scenery make this area an excellent place to own a property.

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